November 14, 2018

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LAARIS Games One

Dive into the new Interactive Laser games by Theo Dari. Play with reactive atmospheric laser objects. Between VR and holography… for real.

LAARIS Games One is the world first interactive laser games system, using a unique ILDA* Awarded detection technology named « LAARIS ». Created by Theo Dari – inventor and first performer of worldwide multi-Awarded** Laserman and Laserfighters acts (see

  • No special clothing or equipment needed for players.

  • Works on most firm floors (raw grounds, carpets, stages, ice, concrete…) using a very high speed industrial detection sensor and custom real-time game engine.


Existing games  :


The name says it all: shoot the balloon to the opposite goal.
From 2 to 8 players at a time. Score limit and time limit can be set.

Bubble pop duel

Pop the bubbles faster than your opponents to reach the winning number of pops.
From 2 to 4 players at a time. Pop limit and time limit can be changed.


Cross the laser labyrinth as fast as possible to reach the other side.
Your crossing time is displayed on the ground and best score gets congratulations. Choose and customize your maps as needed.

Bamboo forest

An attraction made for welcoming audiences with a reactive installation simulating bamboo wind chimes, clearly on the theme of zen, jungle and ecology with technology. The bamboos can be replaced by company logos and sounds can be changed to meet your customization needs.

The Gate

Let audiences “open the gate”. A reactive installation playing an infinite number of maps. Each map works on the same model : a laser drawing (fixed or animated) is displayed until you touch precisely this shape. Then an opening animation starts with a specific “opening sound”. Then, the “open” animation with its corresponding sound loop waits for people to cross the sensitive zone. Then, a closing animation is played with its specific sound. You can create an infinite number of maps.


4 of them are already included, but you can make your own from scratch.

  • Orion
  • Enter the show
  • Laser alarm
  • Glass breakout


Shapes appear around people who can dance, pass through and play with them. Also usable as a stage show to surround artists during their performance.

Shapes are rectangles (pyramids in 3D), circles (cones in 3D), polygons and convex polygons. Each shape has its own color.

DJ Lab

Become a laser DJ by trigging synchronized loops and voices playing live your favorite musical style.

Works like famous laser harp, but there are two major differences:

  • You trig loops that sound good together (fully customizable).
  • You can also trig unsynchronized notes (better for drum instruments or real musicians to avoid cacophony)
  • It works with fully customizable 3D shapes that react visually to your touch.
  • These laser shapes can be arranged as a labyrinth or as separate corners or sections by instrument, each of them played by another person again. Eg. the drum section on the center, then the voice section on a side, then the bass section in another place.
  • The system multitimbral infinite. It means that there is no limit with the number of simultaneous notes.
  • Latency is always less than 33 ms (1/30 second) giving the ability to play trills and fast phrases. Latency does not depend on the number of notes and people inside the playground.

The only limits are given by the size of the playground and your sense of cacophony… !

Warp show player

A programmable player for interactive shows, based on a scriptable timeline approach to control interactive parameters and sequences in time.

The first of its kind visual act created with Warp show player, is WLD (Warp Laser Dancers) by Theo Dari.

*ILDA : International Laser Display Association
The ILDA Award is the “world championship” of laser entertainment.

** Theo Dari received an ILDA Award and two awards at the Monte Carlo Magic Stars. Both in 2003. Monte Carlo Magic Stars is one of the most famous world class magician’s competition